the foundation of mile is closely connected to the births of our two children and the beginning of our friendship. with our children around, we recalled our own childhoods and immersed in them. we felt an urge to relive the beauty and joy connected to childhood. the summers at the granny’s, endless questions about the universe, learning to swim or read and absorbing children’s books. we were overwhelmed by the beauty of the children’s world, its endless width and depth. we had a desire to transform it in an elegant and yet playful way into children’s clothes that would be worn by us. our view was that through our clothes the children could learn about the world. the particular graphics and illustrations that we use on our clothes are not only pleasant to the eyes but also develop an imagination – one can be a little spaceman, skier or a tree fairy for a while.

our collections therefore emerge in the areas of life and childhood of our children. each collection has its unique patterns transformed to fabrics and made exclusively for us thanks to cooperation with skilful illustrators and graphic designers. each collection has also our own unique sewing patterns that define the collection, are pleasant to wear and free to discover the world.

we aim to make a pleasant and playful design that will not wear off and will please repeatedly. we fancy clean shapes and simple design that is easy to fall in love with. we enjoy using visible details, gentle free style, so our clothes can be worn with a wit and perspective.

we care about each stage of the manufacturing process and therefore our lovely and small garments designed for kids from ages 0 to 8 and some for lovely adults are made in small and honest tailor workshops in slovakia.

mile = mi + le
and many others

our personal photographer. from the very first collection she has captured all children’s adventures in pictures in the most natural and comfortable way.

talented graphic designer and illustrator. alica created the cosmo pattern for our cosmo collection and patterns for the little traveller collection. her illustrations in the book about a penguin-adventurer called the way home had been printed to our T-shirs. the book was listed among the Slovakia best books in 2015 in the category literature for the youths and children and in 2016 amongst 200 best books of the world by the international organization white raven.

a skilful illustrator with a sense for gentle style and detail. veronika had been working with us on our lake collection, mushrooms collection and poetical collection flying elisabeth. she is the author of boats, dragonflies, mushrooms and fresh strawberries. she received an award for her illustrations in the book called tales from the deep sea and in 2013, the book was listed amongst the best books.

our friend from cvernovka, graphic designer and an awardee of the 2016 communication design prize. boris had contributed to playful geometry collection with his creativity, enthusiasm and playfulness making the collection fresh and complete.

an excellent ukrainian illustrator with an appealing work full of idyllic nature and winter motives made such impact on us that we decided to ask her for a cooperation on our freezingly clean collection called lovable winter collection.

a slovak master of letter characters and a typographer that created our logo and helped us with the letter collection in which every child can find its favourite letter. he provided us with his playful font outliner and together we created a collection that makes learning the alphabet fun.

skilful designer who is always very kind to our demands. he is the co-author of our visual identity, packages, prints, and various lovely little funny things which are used to glamour our packages and bring you pleasure when opened.

our team


bea replies to all your curious questions and emails. she thoroughly packages your lovely orders so you can have them at home as soon as possible to enjoy that surprise moment when opening your order. bea will also assist you during your shopping in our showroom.


lucia is a pattern designer. she has designed all our patterns with emphasis on easy wear. lucia pays attention to each detail, fold and through her hands the fabrics become styles with shape and chic design. lucia also replies to all wholesale enquires.

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